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Enquire here about our services and special prices, with no compromise


Enquire here what we can do for you, with no compromise.

Advantages for THE CLINIC

We perform a careful selection of the most advanced imaging apparatus to offer you the very best 2D and 3D diagnostics and the greatest comfort for your patient
We use the most advanced Nemotec technology to help you in case diagnostics and planning. You don't need to acquire the software. We provide you with a planner to view your case.

Once the test has been conducted, we send you a full report: diagnostic results, X-rays, CD with the planner programme so that you can view and plan the treatment in 3D (where appropriate).

Don't worry about file type. You will receive documents in PDF for easy handling.

With 3D images your patients will understand the planning and results of the treatment.
You only have to fill in a slip requesting the test that you want us to carry out with your patient. You can even ask for an appointment from the clinic and thus be able to control the process.

Advantages for THE PATIENT

At Nemo Centre we reduce the patient's visiting time. The entire process, from the time they arrive at the centre will take no more than 15 minutes, while at other centres the patient can be there for between 30 minutes-one hour.
Thanks to the high quality of the equipment selected, the effective dose received by the patient is 98% less compared with a conventional medical scanner.
With the images and reports that Nemo Sensor provides to the doctor, the patient will fully understand the situation of their mouth and the treatment plan.
We offer special prices to doctors so that their patients can reduce their costs.
Discover why you should trust Nemo Centre


At Nemo Centre we have the most advanced 2D and 3D radiological equipment to offer optimum quality in imaging diagnostics tests.

  • 2D and 3D Radiological Scans.
    • 2D panoramic.
    • 2D lateral teleradiography.
    • 3D panoramic.

  • Diagnostic tests for IMPLANTOLOGY.
    • Photographic study of the patient.
    • Maxillar or mandibular scanner.
    • Bimaxillar scanner.
    • Marking of the dental nerve.

  • Diagnostic tests for ORTHODONTICS.
    • Full orthodontics study.
    • Cephalometric tracing.
    • Digital photographic series.
    • CBCT 3D full cranium.

  • Diagnostic tests for ATM.
    • Simple and complete ATM study.

If you wish, thanks to our software we can perform part of the treatment pre-planning. You will obtain accuracy, quality and security. Nemo Centre will provide you with a planner program to view the case and plan the treatment.

Digital implantology: Thanks to our NemoScan software, the Nemo Centre professionals are able to preplan their surgery in a precise and simple way.

  • Planning of Implants and Guided Surgery.
  • Design of surgical stents.

Digital orthodontics: with our orthodontic software, the experts will assist you in performing treatment pre-planning. You and your patient will be able to view the treatment diagnostics before carrying it out.

  • Cephalometric tracing.
  • Analysis of models.

Dental aesthetics (smile design.): our NemoSmile 2D and 3D software allows us to digitally design the ideal smile for your patient and thus perform the treatment preplanning required.

  • Marking splints.
  • Surgical splints.
  • Biomodels.
  • Mock-up.

At the Nemo Centres we organise courses and workshops to show clinics the advances in digital orthodontics.

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Where are we?

Nemo Centres


C/ Marqués de Riscal, 8
28010 Madrid
+34 91 702 21 52
Time: L-V: de 10 a 14 - 17 a 20 horas.

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