New Agreement with Orthopia - Turkey

21 may, 2017 | Author: Marketing and Communication Nemotec

Company Name: Orthopia
Description Distributor: Orthopia is an innovative company focusing on patient specific digital dental and medical solutions. Main philosophy of the company is to achieve real clinical results from virtual digital applications with using dynamic, professional and rational processes. It is one of the first fully digital-based healthcare companies in Turkey.
Country to be covered: Turkey.
Why have you selected Nemotec? “Nemotec is a pioneering company in creating and offering the different software on digital dental applications in an Innovative multidisciplinary platform.
This unique and intelligent solution that is defined by Nemotec are a vision that Orthopia shares.
We believe that this collaboration will be very rewarding for our doctors, and thanks to them, our company has satisfactory results in our country.”

Other data of interest. Organization and professional activities in digital dental and medical applications, CAD-CAM software solutions and 3D printing systems.