New Distribution Agreement Nemotec - CTI (Integral Technological Consultancy). Peru and Ecuador

21 february, 2017 | Author: Marketing and Communication Nemotec

Contact Person: Hugo Aguayo Calderon
Number of employees: 3
Description Distributor: CTI has been present in Peru for over 40 years. This company has 3 divisions offering services and products to the Dentistry in Peru. The oldest division has 9 radiological and tomographic dental centers, making it the largest in the country and one of the largest in Latin America in its field. It also has a division of continuing Education, specialized in providing internships and international courses on Radiology, Tomography, Dental Management, among other very specific programs according to specialty. A few years ago CTI was created, a company in charge of marketing software and technological products for dentist. The latter company is now the official distributor of Nemotec and is in charge of marketing the software.
Country to be covered: Peru and Ecuador
Number of clients: Working with approximately 18.000 dentists. CTI has 3 divisions, one of which is responsible for providing international educational programs.
Why have you selected Nemotec? "CTI has selected Nemotec because its products are recognized in this region of the world, and above all because they are very successful at a Global level. The level of technical support needed is really low because their software is very feasible and has proven to have a lot of stability. We wanted to look for a solid company like Nemotec, with products that are not only sold easily, but also because their software does not face many technical issues. Lastly, the software is user friendly for the customer".
Other data of interest. It should be noted that the economic growth and projection of future growth of Peru and Ecuador is really attractive, positively affecting the development of the dental profession. However, there are still many dentists who are not digitized, and this creates an endless number of opportunities to educate them on the importance of digitizing their offices to obtain an optimal diagnosis which will result in an excellent treatment.
Anything else? We appreciate the trust given by Nemotec, and we look forward to continue working successfully in the near future. Our goal is to continue educating dentists through webinars and face-to-face courses to introduce the numerous software by Nemotec.

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