The tool that lends more possibilities in diagnostics, treatment plan and presentation of the orthodontics case.

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Diagnostics and Planning

The software allows you to easily import your photographs and x-rays.

You will be able to work with the photographs in detail, thanks to the rotation and scaling tools.

NemoCeph allows you to perform the analysis of the facial type and proportions.
A wizard will guide you step-by-step in the performance of your tracing. A smart zoom automatically takes you to the region where the cephalometric point to be positioned is located. The image processing tools allow you to clearly see the osseous and dental structures.

Growth prediction tracing, CO-CR, VTO and STO cephalometric conversion.

Lateral and frontal morphing. Prediction of configurable changes in the soft profile.

Using the Slideshow you will be able to show the evolution of the treatment, from commencement of the same. The patient will greatly value this tool.


NemoCeph displays all of the cephalometric analysis schools in the market and can also be configured.
The software accurately and quickly calculates measurements.
The import of photographic series-based records allows you to access cases quickly.

Efficient Communication

Show the patient the result prior to commencing treatment, it will help you increase the number of quotation acceptances.
Don't fear the time of making the case presentation to the patient. With the templates that NemoCeph provides, the presentation of the case will be extremely simple and effective.
NemoCeph will display the photographic records organised by dates so that you can quickly show the patient how they are evolving. This will encourage them to continue with the treatment and come for check-ups.
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