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Diagnostics and Planning

NemoDSD Guided Surgery allows for planning of the prosthetics rehabilitation on implants.

It starts by designing the prosthetics rehabilitation and then plans the positioning of implants that best adapts to the foregoing prosthesis and the anatomical conditioning factors of each patient.

Being able to carry out what we have planned with the utmost precision is a guarantee of success. Guided surgery is the most accepted protocol for this.
A surgical guide is a computer-aided customised product that is positioned in the mouth and offers holes that can be used as a guide in the milling sequence. Accurately positioning it allows us to introduce the implant through the same.

Thanks to digital technology, you will be able to replace their smile immediately. The system is developed so that the computer-manufactured prosthesis is produced on the day of surgery.

NemoGuided Surgery offers three types of prosthesis to obtain immediate smiles: screwed, cemented and hybrid prosthesis.


Thanks to the quality of the material used and accurate planning, the patient requires fewer visits to the clinic (three appointments versus the nine appointments using other methods).
As it is a safe and accurate system, everything is planned beforehand and transferred to the patient's mouth using guided surgery, thus reducing the possibility of errors.

The NemoDSD Guided Surgery system avoids the needs for an excessive number of tests. In most cases no incisions are required as, thanks to the guides, the surgery does not require the gum is to be opened.

It is less uncomfortable during the intervention process as well as post-op, as it affects fewer tissues.

Your patient will value the result. You've used the most advanced technology to plan their particular case, you've avoided a large number of appointments and your patient has been able to smile on the same day as the surgery takes place.

Efficient Communication

Clearly explain the diagnostics and treatment.
Show your patient what the result of the treatment will look like.
Your patient will understand perfectly a 3D image of his anatomy and the 3D planning of implants and prosthesis.
The sum of your professionalism, the use of the best technology and providing clear information will increase the acceptance of quotations.
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