NemoStudio 2017 - Article by Nemotec Founder Miguel Ángel del Moral

21 february, 2017 | Author: Nemotec Product Develpment

We interviewed Nemotec founder, Miguel Ángel del Moral to tell us, according to him, the news about NemoStudio 2017:

What are the main improvements of NemoStudio 2017?

Miguel Ángel del Moral, Nemotec founder mentioned that the main improvements of NemoStudio 2017, the multidisciplinary digital platform are the following:

  • New interfaces of different modules – new icons.
  • Panels and sub-panels adjustable to the vertical space available in high resolutions.
  • Adaptation to retinal resolution and high resolutions in general.
  • New NemoBox, a web service to visualize and share your digital clinical records - included in the maintenance for Nemotec customers.

Why do customers need to upgrade and contract services?

Clients must be updated because they will benefit from a new exclusive service called NemoBox. It is a universal viewer of all types of NemoStudio documents accessible from a web browser:

  • Multi-device: tablets, Pcs, Smartv etc.
  • From anywhere and anytime.

NemoBox is a simple and intuitive web service for dentists that allows with a few clicks to export, share and view all NemoStudio 2017 clinical records: photographs, X-rays, 3D STL files, DICOM, etc.

What are the latest trends from a technological point of view in Digital Dentistry in 2017 according to Nemotec?

Cloud Computing and Applications as a service

The dentistry industry is also experiencing the digital revolution. The need to use cloud services is a requirement for digital transformation. Everything related to the web, to the Cloud Computing and to the modality of services in the cloud is a reality. Managing data and moving your applications to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) allows you to develop faster. Thanks to the adoption of emerging technologies: the development processes are more coordinated, more flexible, and allow you faster time to market and reduced costs.

“Multidisciplinary Applications and Patient Engagement”: Technology communicates with patients

Technology serves Doctors to create a positive experience even in the dental sector that is experiencing the advantages of the digital transformation. The patient has changed and this "WOW FACTOR" will be indispensable to get the patient involved.

Technology that the patient understands
The software communicates directly with the patient in a visual and simple way. Patients understand easily all aspects of its treatment plan. The complexity is dead and now each patient can participate in the proposal of their treatment plan.

Technology serves Doctors
Dentists can collaborate and share information among the different disciplines by evaluating each case in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary way (Orthodontics, Implantology, Orthognathics and Aesthetics) to offer a comprehensive and complete treatment plan.